Introduction of Factory
Since completed with excellent manufacturing facilities and quality assurance system in 1988, the factory of Daewon Pharm in Hyangnam has manufactured about 150 products including solid dosage forms, liquid dosage forms, injections, and sex hormone medicine. The superior manufacturing facilities and manpower is the pride of Daewon Pharm.

Furthermore, Daewon Pharm is pursuing perfectionism to be responsible for its products throughout strict quality assurance and tracking management after shipping.

The factory in Hyangnam was equipped with the most modern facilities at the level of cCMP throughout the general renovation in April 2009. With this transformation, Daewon Pharms could secure the competitiveness to manufacture products at the highest level in the world.
View of Factory
History of Factory
  • 1990
    Completion of factory in Hyangnam
  • 1991
    Selected as a company qualified for Korea Good Manufacturing Practice (KGMP)
  • 1997
    Certified as a promising small and medium-sized business(Gyeonggi-do) / 2002: Designated as a company qualified for Korea Good Supply Practice (KGSP)
  • 2003
    Built new and extended facilities for the Central Research Institute and manufacturing
  • 2007
    Certified as a facility to produce sex hormone medicine
  • 2009
    Completed the remodeling project to meet the level of cGMP regulations
  • 2015
    Extended and remodeled the factory in Hyangnam
Introduction of Facilities
Medicines should keep high quality as they are directly related to people’s lives. To produce such important medicines, clean water and air are considered as the most fundamental factors. All the products of Daewon Pharm are produced by advanced water processing and air conditioning systems.

The water used in manufacturing products is highly purified at the level of cCMP, which is processed with water processing system including activated charcoal and reverse osmosis (RO) filters.

And then, clean pipes carry this purified water to each production line. Air is also purified with multiple steps of filters, carried through heating and cooling systems, and supplied to all production lines. The air quality inside factory is divided into 100 to 100,000 classes depending on region to manage it at the level of cCMP.
To avoid cross-contamination, the automatic air density and pressure control system is operated to prevent dust inside the working space from being pushed outward. In addition, the automatic temperature control system is helpful to maintain a certain temperature inside the factory.

As for validation to guarantee a perfect quality, the most important factor is documents.
Daewon Pharm is recording all validation documents required by cCMP including measuring instrument inspection and calibration, facility competence evaluation, process validation by product, and test method validation. These documents are also systematically maintained following relevant regulations.
  • RACK SYSTEM Document management
  • Green area
  • Water treatment System
  • Ampule washing room
  • Product validation
  • Differential pressure measurement
Produced Items
Daewon Pharms is producing solid dosage forms (tablets and capsules) using highly advanced facilities such as binblenders, fluid bed granulators, high speed tablet presses, and automatic capsule fillers.
In addition, imperfect products due to damage and foreign substances are perfectly discerned with six installed cameras and automatic sorters, which can sort out 200,000 pieces per hour.

Liquid dosage forms (syrup and pouch package) are sored, moved, and manufactured within a mass storage tank.
All the production lines are sealed to prevent contamination.
Completely blocked from external environments to prevent contamination, the production lines of injections maintain purity at the highest level with UV ray sterilization system.
The production lines of sex hormone medicine are one of only a few domestic facilities that completely satisfy the recent standards of WHO and GMP.These production lines are strictly detached from the other lines to block any possibilities of cross-contamination.

To maintain the excellent quality of products, Daewon Pharms operates a team exclusively responsible for quality assurance, and performs strict investigation for manufacturing process and complete products with advanced analysis equipment.

In addition, to guarantee the quality of products, Daewon Pharms perfectly conforms to the standards required by GMP.
  • Large capacity tank
  • Sex hormone Production facility
  • Test analyzer
  • Automatic sorting machine
  • Automatic filling machine
  • Automated manufacturing system