Main items
  • Oramin-F Soft CapWorldwide 35 Being exported to countries Oramin-F Soft Cap. is famous throughout the world with Korea ginseng and royal jelly. Multivitamin is. Crew constraints OraminIn some countries, ginseng and vitamins or supplements sector 1Ranks and in other countries, the current market share is rapidly growing products.
  • Pelubi Tab.The Pelubi tablet, a series of NSAIDs developed from raw materials to end product by Daewon Pharm.Co.Ltd., was certificated as the 12th new medicine by The Korean Food and Drug Administration. It is a NSAIDs that is highly effective for pain relief and has less side effects in comparison with existing NSAIDs products.
  • Freefol-MCT Inj.Freefol-MCT Inj., the world's first microemulsion propofol, was developed successfully by Korean technology and demonstrated it remarkable safety through clinical trials. As the only Propofol type for the anti-exogenous infectious bacteria, it sustains its long-term stability even when taken with other medicines.
  • Megex-I Susp.The most important is physical strength to patients with cancer. Most cancer patients lose their appetite and are easy to get "Cancer Cachexia" and "Anorexia" Megestrol Acetate oral Suspension can help improving appetite and weight increase of cancer patients. Megesrol Acetate suspension is a medicine supplementing "subalimentation" of cancer patients, which is the most crucial in cancer treatment.
  • Trigel Susp.Therapy of gastritis, duodenal ulcer by suppressing the release of gastrin. Prominent antispasmodic, anodyne effect. Excellent antacidic potency.
  • Renamezin Cap.Renamezin Cap. (Spherical carbonaceous adsorbent): Renamezin, indicated for chronic kidney disease, is the IMD (Patented API). Renamezin is the first encapsulated oral adsorptive charcoal in Korea.