Research Field
  • DDS ResearchThe Central Research Institute of Daewon Pharm has been actively performing studies on the drug delivery system of release control or long acting medicine, and the solubilization system for poorly water-soluble drugs. Following the results of such studies, products modified in dosage form or method have been released.
    The representative productspresented by the Central Research Institute includes Pelubi SR Tab, Otillen F Tab, Renamezin Cap, and Daewon Megastrol ES Suspension. Pelubi SR Tab is the incrementally modified drug of Pelubi Tab, the 12th domestic newmedicine containing pelubiprofen. This modified drug minimizes side effects on gastrointestinal tract and greatly improves dosing convenience by reducing the number of dosing to twice a day. Otillen F Tabapplies the company’s patent floating technology within stomach to elongate the stay time of drug in stomach up to 18 times compared to other products. Renamezin Cap is the modified capsule-type medicine of existing granule-type activated carbon adsorption used for the delay of dialysis to greatly improve dosing convenience and the adsorption rate of urotoxic substances. Daewon Megastrol ES Suspension is evaluated to substantially increase the absorption rate in the body using nano conversion technology.
    In addition, to improve dosing convenience for children and the elderly, the Central Research Institute has devoted itself to the study of syrup and suspension, and finally established the system of suspension manufacturing, which is now applied to produce the liquid forms of various medicines.
  • Evaluation Research of Medicine EffectThe Central Research Institute of Daewon Pharm is performing pharmaceutical efficacy tests on medicine including candidate substances with the potential treatment effects of antiulcer drugs, and anesthetics made of new ingredients which is known to reduce side effects. In addition, to develop new anticancer compounds by cell culture, the Central Research Center is conducting screening studies on various cancer cells using active components extracted from natural ingredients. The extracted active components with high purity are also studied for the establishment of analysis method, dosing control by separating isomers, and the reduction of side effects.
  • New Synthetic Medicine ResearchSince the separation of prescribing and dispensing drugs was enforced, the Central Research Institute of Daewon Pharm has focused on the independent development of new medicine to actively respond to the dramatic changes in pharmaceutical environments. Finally, the Central Research Institute could prepare the technical and empirical foundation for new medicine development, and present Pelubi Tab for degenerative joint disease, the 12th new medicine of Korea. At present, the new treatment of hyperlipidemia targeting the global market is being tested in clinical trials, and the multiple new medicine projects for various diseases such as diabetes and cancer are in the progress of development.
  • New Natural Ingredient Medicine ResearchThe Central Research Institute of Daewon Pharmperformed new medicine development using natural ingredients, and finally produced Otillen F Tab, a gastritis treatment. The Central Research Institute is also conductingcooperative clinical research on the treatment of hyperlipidemia using new natural ingredients with a company in Israel. The Central Research Institute is also introducing materials via domestic and global networks to develop new medicine using natural ingredients with various phytonutrients, and progressing research by applying the preclinical evaluation system for candidate substances.
  • New Biomedicine ResearchThen Central Research Institute of Daewon Pharm is also focusing on bio technology, which has the limelight globally as the most modern industry, to challenge for new medicine development. In addition, the Central Research Institute is doing its best to find out candidate substances for potential new medicine throughout a variety of bio research using microorganism and genetic engineering technologies. As for research projects with potential high values, the Central Research Institute is looking for the way of multidisciplinary cooperation with external institutions to create future growth engines.