Introduction of Research Institute
Daewon Pharmbelieves that the mission of a pharmaceutical company should be to develop excellent medicine from consistent research and development. Keeping it in mind as the founding idea of the company, Daewon Pharm has been leading the way in developing professional medicine and medical supplies. The Central Research Institute of Daewon Pharm was founded in 1989 to actively respond to the environmental changes of the pharmaceutical industry, and to be equipped with competitiveness in new medicine development for the 21th century. With diverse research activities since the foundation, the Central Research Institute is currently developing and producing medicines specialized in various fields including circulatory system, respiratory system, digestive system, endocrine system, antibiotics, and chemotherapeutics. In 17 years from the start, the Central Research Institute finally developed new medicine with new materials, raising its status as a global institute with the development capability of new medicine.
Securing future growth engines with new medicine R&D
core of Daewon Pharm’s future growth engines is new medicine R&D. To achieve the goal, the research institute of Daewon Pharm has made enterprise-wide efforts and investments into R&D. As the result, Daewon Pharm has developed Pelubi Tab, which is a new ingredient treatment for degenerative joint disease, Pelubi SR Tab, which is incrementally modified Pelubi Tab to improve dosing convenience and minimize side effects on gastrointestinal tract, and Otillen F Tab, which uses the company’s patent floating technology within stomach.

Daewon Pharm is challenging for new medicine development by synthesizing multiple new materials like in the development of new hyperlipidemia treatment targeting the global market, and actively promoting new medicine research using bio technology and natural ingredients with expectation for the birth of the second and third new medicine.
Based on these efforts and performance, Daewon Pharm is ready to level up as a company with national and international competitiveness in new medicine development.
New Medicine Development
Developing multiple excellent new products
Daewon Pharm retains 200 or more excellent products as the result of intensive investment in R&D. Many of these excellent products with market competitiveness have developed with independent technology under patent registration or application. Such a high level of technology enables Daewon Pharm to take the advantageous position first both in the domestic and global markets.
This superior capacity of new product development is the future growth engine of Daewon Pharm.
Intensive Investment in R&D