Global Biz

The brand 'Daewon' recognized in 45 countries worldwide.
Starting exporting pharmaceutical products to Vietnam in 1994, Daewon Pharm is currently exporting products to 45 countries worldwide.
Daewon Pharm exports approximately 80 items to the overseas market and professional medicines including Cephalosporins account for the majority but very Korean products such as Oramin-G, vitamin supplement which became popular by adding ginseng of Korea are welcomed from around the world.
Main export areas are Asia, Central and South America, the Middle East etc. and we are trying to maintain continental importance evenly by ongoing development of new markets such as Africa and CIS region etc.
Daewon Pharm is the advanced pharmaceutical company having its own new medicine development ability and is developing various modified new medicines and natural drugs such as hepatitis medicine.
We will grow as Daewon Pharm in the world by developing new medicine and new products continuously and expanding its export market more based on this.