Consignment Prodution guide

Daewon Pharm has the greatest pride in complying with strict quality control standards of KGMP and producing excellent products. In particular, we have the latest facilities of advanced countries level and established more enhanced process management system through Hyangnam factory renovation.
Hyangnam factory of Daewon Pharm is widely recognized on excellence in quality management at home and abroad by getting excellent evaluation through overseas Food and Drug Administration and actual inspection of buyers as well as actual inspection of Korea Food and Drug Administration. At present, we supply good medicine produced in our company to Koreas leading companies and export various products to about 30 countries in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, North America, South America etc
Daewon Pharm performs consignment production for various formulations of products such as items recognized on bioequivalence from Food and Drug Administration. Daewon Pharm provides a total service related to production to help the businesses of customer companies through selection and concentration
  • 01. Delivery of products with good quality
  • 02. Providing products timely
  • 03. Can increase brand image of a customer
  • 04. Finished goods development, production serve(CRO production service)
  • 05. New product development support(CMO production service)
  • 06. General process consignment service(OEM production service)
  • 07. Providing validation data

The brand 'Daewon' recognized in 30 countries worldwide.

Starting exporting pharmaceutical products to Vietnam in 1994, Daewon Pharm is currently exporting products to 30 countries worldwide. Daewon Pharm exports approximately 80 items to the overseas market and professional medicines including Cephalosporins account for the majority but very Korean products such as Oramin-G, vitamin supplement which became popular by adding ginseng of Korea are welcomed from around the world.
Main export areas are Asia, Central and South America, the Middle East etc. and we are trying to maintain continental importance evenly by ongoing development of new markets such as Africa and CIS region etc.
In particular, Since Aquafol, the world's first micro-emulsion, succeeded by the technology of Daewon, is getting a lot of attention from the markets of developed countries such as the U.S, Europe etc., export prospects are even brighter.
Daewon Pharm is the advanced pharmaceutical company having its own new medicine development ability and is developing various modified new medicines and natural drugs such as hepatitis medicine.
We will grow as Daewon Pharm in the world by developing new medicine and new products continuously and expanding its export market more based on this.

CRO (Contract Research Organization)

This is to do research and development for you based on dependent technology and knowhow of our company and is the system providing the whole process to raw material selection, medicine development, production, quality management, product shipment.

CMO (Contract Manufacturing Organization)

This is the term commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry and the service acting production as a proxy. But it is the concept differentiated from general OEM and is the system providing the best service in production and permission of a consigning company by providing all technologies of our company such as production process, quality management, various document provision etc.

Consignment Production Items

Classification Dosage Forms
Oral solids Tablets, Hard Capsules, Soft Capsules
Injections Ampoules, Vials
Oral Solutions Syrups, Suspensions

Overseas Business Dept

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Area Name Tel E-Mail
Director Jongwhoan Kang (Mr.) +82-2-2204-6971 jwkang@daewonpharm.com
America (North/South),
Japan, Business Development
Steve Kim (Mr.) +82-2-2204-6976 steve_kim@daewonpharm.com
Vietnam Branch Office,
Medical Device
David Yoo (Mr.) +84-938242409 nhyoo@daewonpharm.com
Asia Pacific Bongsu Kim (Mr.) +82-2-2204-6979 bskim@daewonpharm.com
Philippines & Taiwan Seongeun Bae (Ms.) +82-2-2204-6978 se9510@daewonpharm.com
Mongolia, CIS Region Lindsay Kim (Ms.) +82-2-2204-7086 drkim@daewonpharm.com
Middle East, Africa Ian Suk (Mr.) +82-2-2204-6980 sysuk@daewonpharm.com
Food Supplement David Kim +82-2-2204-7061 davidkim@daewonpharm.com